Every business should have Commercial Auto Insurance Coverage. The highest risk of exposure to a lawsuit for a business and its owner is a car or truck accident, it does not matter who is at fault or if the vehicle is not owned by the business. The type of insurance coverage and limits purchased will determine how much the business or its owner will have to pay.

The formula is quite simple;


We have Commercial Auto Insurance Solutions for any business, from the small business with a personal car or truck driven by the owner/operator or to a large commercial auto fleet. Hiring our team of business insurance professionals to evaluate your Commercial Auto Insurance risk exposure, coverage, and liability limits could save you up to 50% off the current insurance premium.

Here are some highlights of Commercial Auto Insurance we offer;

  • Commercial Auto Fleet Insurance
  • Small Business Auto Insurance
  • Food Delivery Driver Car Insurance
  • Contractor Pickup Truck/Van Insuance
  • Medical Van Transport Insurance
  • Plumber Van /Truck Insurance
  • Electrician Van/Truck Insurance
  • Delivery Van/Truck Insurance
  • Contractor Van/Truck Insurance
  • Handyman Van/Truck Insurance
  • Non-Owned Auto Liability Insurance
  • Excess Property Damage Insurance
  • Excess Personal Injury Protection
  • Excess Auto Liability Insurance
  • Cargo Liability Insurance


Shopping for Personal Auto Insurance can be challenging, the rising cost of insurance premiums, not understanding correctly the meaning of coverages, deductibles, and limits can be overwhelming. Hiring our insurance agency makes the car insurance shopping experience simple to understand.

Our team of Personal Auto Insurance professionals will educate you on insurance coverages terms, with your insurance budget in mind, we will shop on your behalf for the adequate personal auto insurance coverage based on your personal liability risk exposure and lifestyle.

Our team’s knowledge, experience, and partnership with insurance companies could save you up to 30% off the current insurance premium. Our insurance agents service to the client is free of charge.

Here are some highlights of Personal Auto Insurance we offer;

  • Multi-Car Family Auto Insurance
  • High Liability Auto Insurance
  • Teen Driver Auto Insurance
  • Student Auto Insurance
  • Family Auto Insurance
  • Homeowner Auto Insurance
  • New Driver Auto Insurance
  • High-Risk Auto Insurance
  • SR-22 Auto Insurance
  • FR-44 Auto Insurance
  • Personal Injury Protection Insurance
  • Uninsured Motorists Auto Insurance
  • Property Damage Auto Insurance
  • Bodily Injury Auto Insurance
  • Full Coverage Auto Insurance


Purchasing Classic Auto Insurance is much like buying a unique car, you have to be convinced that is right for you. There are many factors to get the right insurance coverage for your car.

Our agency offers a designated insurance agent to assist you to select the adequate insurance coverage, with us you don’t have to stress about proving the value of your car, we will take your word for it and insurance for whichever price you think is fair.

Here are some highlights of Classic Auto Insurance we offer;

  • Antique Car Insurance
  • Classic Car Insurance
  • Modified Car Insurance
  • Car Restoration Insurance
  • Military Vehicle Insurance
  • Race Car Insurance
  • Classic Motorcycle Insurance
  • Off Track Insurance
  • Car Collectors Insurane
  • Classic Truck Insurance
  • Exotic Car Insurance
  • Car Rally Insurance
  • Car Meet Insurance
  • Car Club Insurance
  • Car Show Insurance
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